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Weekly Memorandum 7/12/2021

All three equity indices closed at their highest weekly levels in history this past week, which is nothing short of bullish. Once again, tech and growth-related segments of the market led the way higher last week, but of Friday, we saw excellent bids come in for value and inflation-sensitive sectors. This is most welcomed because it serves to expand market breadth, and we know that sector rotation is part and parcel of a healthy bull market.

Bonds had a decent week too (rates fell) but they took it on the chin on Friday. We are now entertaining the idea that an important high may have formed on Thursday. It remains to be seen. Crude Oil traded sideways but finished the week on a strong note too. The dollar also appears as though a high of significance may have formed-- if so, it could be construed as a case of a lower-high, which would have significant connotations for the market-at-large. Grain markets are still struggling, while livestock consolidates.

Precious metals finished off a mixed week, with gold up and silver down. Cryptocurrencies are still trying to resolve their technical difficulties, but this remains a sector that we are monitoring closely, as we like the idea of an important low forming soon.

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