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Mercator simply means "merchant" or "trader" in Latin.  Drawing off past investment and trading experience, The Mercator LLC is dedicated to providing cutting-edge research and analysis with respect to global economic and financial market trends.

The Mercator offers a variety of reports and educational content that cater to institutional investors and individual traders alike.  We do not provide investment or financial advice.  

Gianni Di Poce - President

After spending several years in the financial services industry, Gianni discovered his main interest was in the study of economic and market cycles.  

Gianni holds a bachelor's degree in Economics, and has been trading and analyzing financial markets for well over a decade. 

He has worked both in the United States and in Europe, and speaks Italian and French.

Thanks to his working experience around the world, Gianni is able to maintain a global perspective when it comes to market analysis.  Much of his time is also dedicated to farming, writing, and fitness.

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