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Weekly Memorandum 4/12/2021

Stocks closed out at all-time highs once again this past week, which solidifies the existing uptrend. The Nasdaq still hasn't joined the party, but it does appear poised to do so here shortly. Our upside price objectives are almost reached, so we could be set to see some sideways consolidation near the highs. Such price action would be bullish (consolidation near highs).

T-Notes finished slightly higher last week, but had a notable down day on Friday. We could see this market decline for most of the remainder of Q2, but a low of importance is due sometime this quarter. Crude Oil finished slightly lower last week, but is up nicely to start off the new week. We should see bids in the energy sector start to pick up here soon.

Grains traded sideways for most of last week, and livestock finished marginally higher. The dollar took it on the chin last week, but cryptos continued their consolidation near their highs. Precious metals finished slightly higher, but if their correlation to bonds is set to continue (been in effect since 2018) we could yet see lower prices on the horizon.

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