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Welcome to The Mercator
Markets are global, so is our perspective.  

The Mercator is a financial analyst and research organization dedicated to the study of economic and financial market trends.  Our proprietary research serves to help navigate the mutable nature of financial markets.  

Our reports are available for purchase by institutions and individual investors alike.  The Mercator does not offer or solicit financial securities or investment advice.  All of our reports are meant for educational purposes only. 


The asset classes covered by The Mercator's reports include: Stock indices, equities, ETFs, bonds, commodities, and forex.  New readers are encouraged to check out the blog for periodic updates on markets, geopolitics, history, and other world events.

Visit our products tab at the top of our homepage to learn more about the various subscriptions that are offered.  

Stock trader walks through office building after picking winning stocks in the bull market.

For more information about our publications, contact us here.

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